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Computer Protection

Antivirus Software

  • Syracuse University requires all computers connected to the University's wired or wireless networks be protected by a current version of antivirus software.
  • Many new computers come with trial or demonstration versions of antivirus software. These trial versions do not meet SU requirements.
  • Students need to verify that the antivirus software installed on their computer is a fully licensed version.
  • ITS recommends students select security products that include protection from spyware and viruses, whenever possible.

Access our list of antivirus software packages recognized as meeting the requirements for the Syracuse University computing network.

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VPN & Antivirus

  • Norton Internet Security 2007 has proven to be incompatible with the University's new VPN service.
  • Other "suite" security software packages that offer multiple security features may also pose a compatibility problem with the VPN service.
  • ITS recommends that clients install only antivirus software and anti-spyware packages on their personal computers instead of full-service security suites.
  • Additionally, the Microsoft Windows firewall may yield better results with the new VPN than third-party firewalls.