Information Technology and Services

Computing Needs

Get your computer ready

Make sure your computer has:

  • Valid, up-to-date recommended antivirus software running
  • Firewall turned on
  • Automatic updates turned on
  • Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) disabled
  • NO peer-to-peer file sharing services (i.e., Vuze, FrostWire, BitTorrent, Bearshare). These should be disabled or removed (removed is best).

Computer Packing List

Bring to campus

  • Your computer's administrative password.
  • Original Windows or Macintosh operating system media and any other application and program media that came with your computer.
  • Original software media and license or key codes.
  • Original peripheral device media and license or key codes.
  • A secure container in which you can keep all your media safe.  You'll need all these media in case you need to have your computer rebuilt or repaired.
  • Some way to back up your important computer files, i.e., large external hard drive or internet back up service such as Carbonite or Dropbox to name only two.
  • Printers with wired or Bluetooth capabilities. Note: WiFi wireless printers will need a USB cable since they don't work on and will interfere with the SU wireless network.
  • All cables for your computer and computing peripherals such as network, printers, external hard drives, monitors, power, etc.
  • Coaxial cable to connect your TV to the cable jack in your room. 
  • Many network-enabled devices such as TVs, Apple TVs, Google TVs, Roku, TiVo, Slingbox and game consoles (i.e., XBox, Wii and Playstation) may need an Ethernet cable. Many of these devices are also supported on the Gadget&Games wireless network.

Don't bring to campus

  • Don't bring peer-to-peer file sharing services such as Limewire or Bearshare. 
  • Don't bring personal wireless access points, wireless routers, or Airports. These will interfere with SU's wireless network. Personal wired routers are allowed as long as their wireless capabilities are turned off.

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