Information Technology and Services

SU Network User Responsibilities

SU Network User Responsibilities

Students who use the Syracuse University network are responsible for reading and understanding the University's Information Technology policies.

Our Policies

Areas of Note

Copyright Infringement

Any reported downloading or sharing of illegal copyright protected data (music, movies, software, games) will result in the student's computer being removed from the SU network (wired and AirOrangeX) until the matter can be resolved. Further information is available on SU's Copyright and File Sharing web page.

Self-installed wireless access points

AirOrangeX is available in all residential facilities. Installing commercially available wireless network access points in the residence halls is strictly prohibited. Installation of these devices will disrupt the SU network (wired and wireless) and result in a student's network port being disabled.


Any virus, port scanning, or computer hacking activities detected will be treated as a violation of SU computing policy and will result in the student's computer being blocked from the network until the matter can be resolved.


Syracuse University requires all computers connected to the University's wired or wireless network be protected by a current version of antivirus software. Further information is available on the Antivirus software web page.

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