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Connect to the SU Network

Connect to the SU Network

About the SU Network

  • All students have access to AirOrangeX, the campus wireless network, while on campus. Residence students also have wired access in their rooms.
  • The SU network provides access to email, web-based applications such as MySlice and Blackboard, internet, online gaming, personal web pages and files, SU Library resources and more.
  • Access is available once the student has activated their NetID and created a NetID password.
  • SU requires that all computers connected to the University's wired or wireless network be protected by a current version of antivirus software.
  • Students have an allocation of 1GB per user for storage on the network. This space is accessible from computers in the public computer labs on campus, and via SU Remote Access (SURA) from campus or home.
  • Students will receive instructions on registering their computers and other devices on the SU Network when they check into their residential facility.

Wireless access via AirOrangeX

  • Students can access the AirOrangeX wireless network in academic, administrative and residential buildings across campus.
  • This secure network employs 802.1x technology.
  • Visit the AirOrangeX web page for more information, including how to register a computer on the network for the first time.

Wired access in residence halls

  • Students who live in Syracuse University residential facilities on North and South campuses can connect to the Internet either through SU's wired (Ethernet) network as well as the wireless AirOrangeX network.
  • To better accommodate the varied devices students connect to the wired (Ethernet) network in residence halls, ITS has approved the use of personal wired network routers in student rooms (sometimes called "broadband routers or "cable/DSL routers").
  • Installing routers with wireless capability or wireless network access points (WAP) in the residence halls is strictly prohibited.  Any router or WAP has the potential to disrupt the SU network (wired and wireless). Installation of these devices will result in a student's network port being disabled.
  • Wired routers are available in the SU Bookstore. Information about purchasing and installing a router is available on the router Web page.
  • Students must provide their own network Ethernet cables.

Connecting from off-campus

  • Students who live off campus should consider subscribing to a commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP) to connect to the SU campus network and the Internet.
  • The following ISPs are some of the options available in the Syracuse area:
  • Information about connecting to the SU network from off-campus locations can be found on the Remote Access web page.

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