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What is a NetID?

  • Access to the University's computing network and online services are controlled through the NetID user name and a password.
  • Your NetID is unique, system-generated identity derived from your name.
  • You may have already activated your NetID to access their financial aid information through MySlice.
  • A short video on how to activate and manage your NetID can be found on our Support Video page.
  • If you have not yet activated your NetID, please do so now!

Where do I get my NetID from?

  • Applicants for admission to SU receive information about their NetID via US Mail from Office of Financial Aid a few weeks after submitting their application.
  • New UC students receive information about their NetID via US Mail or in person, corresponding with the manner in which they register.
  • SU Abroad visiting students receive information about their NetID with their SUID number from SU Abroad.

How do I activate my NetID?

The activation process is simple and can be done online through SU's NetID Web page.

How do I manage my NetID?

The NetID Web page allows you to look up your NetID, change your challenge question, forward your e-mail to an outside mail system like Yahoo, Hotmail or GMail, and reset your password if you've forgotten it.

What are some of the things that my NetID allows access to?

  • High-speed wired and wireless (AirOrangeX) Internet connections in the residence halls and across campus
  • SUmail (SU's official student email system)
  • Create your personal website
  • Online academic and personal information resources through MySlice
  • Your classes on Blackboard
  • Computer labs equipped with specialized academic software technologies

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