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Protect yourself! Ransomware is on the rise

May 12, 2016 10:17 AM

Ransomware attacks, in which criminals disseminate malware that encrypts and locks down computers, and then demands the owners pay a ransom to get their data and machines back, are a growing threat. The FBI estimates that ransomware will be a billion dollar business in 2016.

Colleges and universities—including Syracuse University—are experiencing increased incidents targeting students, faculty and staff. “The relatively open ature of campus IT systems, widespread use of social media by students and a lack of the restrictive controls common in many corporate settings make higher education institutions particularly vulnerable to data breaches,” says the Beazley Breach Insights 2016 Report.

So far, the multiple defenses Information Technology Services (ITS) has in place have kept Syracuse University clear of infection. You and the other members of the SU community who follow good security practices are the best defense against ransomware and other threats.

You’ll want to check out the recent SU Today article about ransomware. In it you’ll get advice on:

• How to defend yourself—and the University—from ransomware and other threats

• How to know if ransomware has infected your device

• What to do if have been infected

• How to get help

You can read the article at Syracuse University News.

Article by: Christopher Finkle

Contact Information: ITS Service Center,, (315) 443-2677