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It's a new term. Make the most of the technology at Syracuse University

Aug 23, 2017 11:00 AM

Information Technology Services (ITS) has been working to prepare for the coming semester. Here are some items you should keep in mind as you get ready to head for Syracuse University. 

Get your computer ready

Remember that your computer needs to be secure when it is connected to the SU network. To minimize problems, we recommend that you take a few minutes to make sure that your: 

  • Computer has active and up-to-date anti-virus software
  • Firewall is turned on (firewall information for Windows and Mac)
  • Automatic Update service is turned on in Windows, or Software updates are scheduled on Mac
  • Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is disabled (connection sharing information for Windows and Mac)
  • Computer has any peer-to-peer file sharing services (i.e., Vuze, FrostWire, BitTorrent, Bearshare) disabled or removed (removed is best)

These checks can be done before you get to campus, or after you arrive.

Got a new device?

Be sure to connect it to AirOrangeX, SU’s high-speed, secure wireless network. Visit the AirOrangeX page on for instructions for your device.

There’s a new wireless network in the SU residence halls. Gadgets&Games is an open network.  Anyone can use it, but it has no security provided. It’s provided for many (but not all) game systems, TVs, streaming devices and other devices to access the Internet only. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones SHOULD NOT be on Gadgets&Games, since they can all use AirOrangeX, which does provide security. The Gadgets&Games network cannot be used to access campus resources, including Blackboard, email, MySlice, and any SU websites.

Learn something new, anywhere, anytime, on any device with is a leading online learning company that helps anyone learn business, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. As an SU student, you have unlimited access to the video library of more than 4,000 engaging, top-quality courses, including almost 300,000 tutorials taught by recognized industry experts. You can learn on the go with the mobile site, on Roku, and the free apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Get Office 365 ProPlus, and Windows 10, FREE!

Remember, as a current student at Syracuse University, you can use your SUmail student email account to download and install Windows 10, and Office 365 ProPlus applications (including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) on up to five computers (PC and Mac) and five mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, Windows Phone). Please visit the Office 365 page on for complete details and instructions. 

World-class technology at your fingertips

Explore all the other services ITS make available to you by visiting the ITS Student Services page on

Turn your phone orange with Syracuse University Mobile

Syracuse University Mobile is available free in the Google Play store and Apple App store. The app offers a wealth of current information about the University, and it provides safe, secure access to information in MySlice. The app enables students to view their class schedules and grades and search for classes, and offers Centro bus tracking. The app delivers the latest University news and events and provides access to the University’s online directory to search for students, faculty, and staff; campus maps; interactive SU social media; and more.

Download the Technology Guide

The Technology Guide brings valuable advice and how-to information right to your iOS or Android mobile device. It’s a go-to source for hooking up with the wide array of available University technology services and resources. Look for the Technology Guide in the SU Guides app. If you don’t already have the free SU Guides app, go to the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store and search for "Syracuse University Guides." Or, visit the Guidebook SU Guides page to have the download link sent to you via text message. Install the SU Guides app, then download the Technology Guide.  You can also view the guide on the web through the SU Guides mobile site (the web version works best with IE and Firefox, and doesn’t have the full functionality or appearance as the mobile version).  

Be Prepared in Case of Problems

If your computer came with or prompted the creation of CDs/DVDs/USBs for recovery or operating system reinstallation purposes, be sure to bring them, especially your Windows or Macintosh operating system media. Also, be sure to bring original media and subsequent upgrades (if applicable) and any license or key codes for the additional software you have loaded on your computer. These will be necessary for you, or a technician in the ITS Service Center, to reload your computer software should you have a hard drive failure or other serious problem that requires software reinstallation. 

Be sure to bring the administrative password for your computer, in case it’s needed to change settings on your machine. 

Back up your stuff to an external location!  If your computer fails and you haven't backed up your work, photos, music or other important files, they may be lost forever. Whether you choose a hardware option such as an external hard drive, or an online cloud service, make sure to protect your data. 


All student residences, almost all buildings, and many public areas at Syracuse University are covered completely by the AirOrangeX wireless network. Please leave any wireless access points (i.e., routers, Airports, MiFi/personal hotspots) at home. Use of personal wireless access points is not permitted on campus. These devices--as well as “mobile hot spots” created by tablets and smartphones-- do not work or co-exist with the wireless network and will disrupt it, interrupting service to users. If you need additional network connections in your SU residence, you can use a wired router or hub. For information about routers and access points on campus visit the router page on the ITS website

Similarly, WiFi wireless printers can interfere with the wireless network, and most wireless printers will not work on campus WiFi networks, including Syracuse University’s, because they were designed for smaller or less secure home networks. We recommend disabling the wireless feature and using a Bluetooth connection or USB cable instead. 

Be smart about downloading and sharing

While the variety of great online content grows daily, downloading and sharing copyrighted material online (including music, movies, TV shows, and games) without permission is unethical and illegal, as well as contrary to SU policy.  The entertainment industry is now more vigilant than ever.  Illegal distribution of copyrighted materials may subject you to University, criminal and civil penalties.  

Please visit the filesharing page on the ITS website to find out about copyright law, SU’s related policies, and legal alternatives for downloading. If you would like a paper copy of this information, contact the ITS Service Center at or 315.443.2677. 

If you live in an SU residence hall and have a new TV (or took your TV home for the break), read this.

Your campus residence receives more than 86 HD digital video & 45 digital music channels, plus HBO and Showtime, without the need for a cable box. All channels are transmitted in Clear QAM format. You can download the channel listing and get more information at

You’ll find instructions for connecting your TV in the Technology Guide in the SU Guides app. You can also visit the Resident Hall Cable TV Setup and Troubleshooting page in

Need an internet provider?

If you are living off campus, you can subscribe to a local commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP) to connect to the SU campus network and the Internet. For options, visit the Connecting Off Campus page on the ITS website. 

If you received an email telling you your SU NetID password will soon expire, please change your password!

You will need to change your SU NetID password at least once a year. Thirty days in advance of the date your password will expire you will start receiving email notifications advising of the expiration date and requesting that you change your SU NetID password. If you allow your password to expire you will not be able to use wireless networks, MySlice, Blackboard, SUMail, or any other University systems. Change your SU NetID password before the expiration date and you will avoid the need to call or visit the ITS Service Center, or download an SMS unlock code to have your account re-enabled and your password reset. For more information, log into and search for password change. 

If you need help

You can get assistance from ITS in several ways:

Visit the Support Services page on the ITS website for detailed information about ITS Support Services, including locations and hours for walk-in support. 

Stay informed

For the latest from ITS, follow @SU_ITS on Twitter, and ITS at Syracuse University on Facebook.

To hear directly from the ITS Information Security team about tips, tricks, and important IT security news, find Secure’cUse on Facebook and follow @Secure’cUse on Twitter.

We look forward to your return! Please travel safely.

Syracuse University Information Technology Services (ITS)

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Article by: Christopher C. Finkle

Contact Information: ITS Service Center,, 315.443.2677